Comic 10 - Narcs Anonymous

5th Jan 2017, 1:20 PM
Narcs Anonymous
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fingerwitch 5th Jan 2017, 1:20 PM edit delete
Hey look it's... that guy! A personal pet peeve of mine is when people are like "what's your name" and I tell them and then they don't tell me their's. Quid pro quo, motherfucker.

Anyway, I swear, something supernatural is going to go down on the very next page, trust me. I don't know when that will be uploaded, but by god there will be witchcraft or some shit.


Seabiscuit 5th Jan 2017, 3:02 PM edit delete reply
I gotta say, that dude being named "Conan the destroyer" really killed me.:'D
fingerwitch 6th Jan 2017, 4:19 PM edit delete reply
Haha, I didn't realize quite how laden this comic was with pop-culture references but that is my life I guess.